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Re: A Good CO2 Test Kit

Rachel Sandage asked:
> OK, now I am totally bummed. The reason I asked this question
> originally is 
> that I have significantly turned up the CO2 in my tank, and I am not
> seeing 
> any change in the pH - it keeps showing up as 7.0, with hardness at
> 5. I do 
> have a big 'ol hunk of wood in the tank, as well.
> So now what do I do to figure out CO2 levels?
> I am also suspecting that my pH test kit could be funky - I just
> bought it, 
> it's an AQ pharm. I was thinking of taking a water sample into the
> lfs and 
> having them test it, to see if it is my test kit. The lfs is 45
> minutes 
> (longer, if traffic is at all bad) from my house - will the pH change
> in the 
> course of that drive as CO2 will no longer be being added?
> Thanks,
> rs

If the water is in an airtight container with no "air space," then
theyre would ge no where for the CO2 (that's in the water) to go-even
after 45 minutes.  

I have used the AP pH test solution and never had a problem.  But that
doesn't mean it couldn't happen and isn't worth checking.  For less
than the cost of the drive, you could get a more expensive pH kit and
double check your measurements.  Yes, you'd have to drive to get the
new solution but only once and then you'd be able to do many tests
withot driving back to the store -- or you could order on-line.   Do
you trust you KH and GH test solutions?

Scott H.

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