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Re: Diana Walstad's Treatise

jgarden2000 at juno_com wrote:
> I have been thinking about this spring buying a 55-or-larger tank
> (whatever I can find for sale in the newspaper!), and setting it up
> in
> the backyard over the summer and having a go at growing aquarium
> plants/fish outdoors in it.
> Is this a good idea? I know Diana Walstead has a book on this
> subject,
> but I'm too cheap to buy it... If I follow these plans, would I be
> doing
> anything stupid?

I think you are doing yourself a great  disservice if you don't get
Diana's book.  Keeping glass or plexiglass tanks full of water isn't
expensive, but once you cross over into keeping things alive in the
water, you can run into some real bucks.  A little knowledge can go a
long way and Diana's book can give you more than a little.

Scott H.

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