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Re: Bolbitis heteroclita

>>They have a rhizomes, with leaves on a medium length stalk,
and have a triple leaf on each stalk. The leaf shape is very similar to
common Java fern, but I've never seen the 3 leaf arrangement grow on any
of my Java's.
The only picture I have found that comes close is Bolbitis heteroclita,
on page 124 of "AQUARIUM PLANTS, Windelov's Tropica Catalogue".
Assumeing I have correctly identified these plants, can someone suggest
the best way to grow them? I would like to put the hair roots down into
my flourite, leaving just the rhizome above the surface. <<

Thats what it sounds like to me. Heteroclita, known as Asian Bolbitis, has
become quite prevelant in the trade during the last year. The leaves are
generally three lobes: The two outer lobes much shorter than the inner one.
It grows much the same way as Java Fern, and like other aquatic ferns the
roots serve only as anchors, not drawing any nutrients, and the rhizome will
rot if buried. It is really best to attach it to wood or rock just as you
would Java fern or African Bolbitis. It seems to do particularly well
directly in the path of the filter outtake. Be sure to add nutrients to the
water colum, since that is the only way it receives its nourishment. Other
than that it is a pretty undemanding plant.

Robert Paul Hudson
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