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Re: Battery P. G. Cleaners - when will they learn

They sold this sort of crap in the 60's and it wasn't much good on a fish
tank.  If you've got that much junk on the bottom of your tank what the heck
is wrong with actually doing a water change??  Yea, the python is a good
creature if you only have a tank or two to change.  I use mine to get the
detritus out of my 210 then switch over to a power siphon that I got
throught Jemco.com.  It has a little adjustable arm so that I can remove
exactly the amount of water w/o taking out too much or siphoning out any
fish.  Then perhaps you won't have so many  of your algae outbreaks if you
keep up the water changes :-)  Pittsburgh water isn't so bad, it grows fish
like crazy so should be fine for plants too.  Quit trying to not do water
changes and your tanks, fish and plants will be a lot better off!

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com