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I have been thinking about this spring buying a 55-or-larger tank
(whatever I can find for sale in the newspaper!), and setting it up in
the backyard over the summer and having a go at growing aquarium
plants/fish outdoors in it.

I've been wondering... locally we have clay soil. Would it be possible to
use the natural soil technique with this stuff? Being thicker, I would
think it would be less messy, and if it has less nutrients, well--then it
couldn't be worse than no soil! I would be putting a layer of gravel/sand
over it.

The proposed plant list would be a couple medium-sized Amazon swords (I
want to grow them big to use as a focal point in my indoor tank...), a
lot of anacharis, some dwarf tropical water lillies, perhaps some
floating plants (duckweed, water lettuce, or whatever else comes to
hand...) and whatever odd plants come out of my indoor tank(s). Oh, yeah,
I'm not planning any filtration, etc. for it (no power outlet handy!).

Is this a good idea? I know Diana Walstead has a book on this subject,
but I'm too cheap to buy it... If I follow these plans, would I be doing
anything stupid?

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