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TMG and Iron

I've searched the archives, but haven't found a satisfactory answer to the

The directions for TMG call for dosing at 0.1 ml/l per week.  For my 30 gal.
tank, that means about 11 ml TMG.  The label states that TMG has 0.07% Fe,
so the standard dose should provide 0.07 mg/l of iron.  But, when I try to
measure it with the Seachem test kit (using the low level cuvettes
provided), I can wait 45 minutes to an hour and not get even a hint of

So my question is: should I now add, say, Flourish Iron to bring the Fe
concentration up to 0.1 mg/l?  Or does the invisible iron reading indicate
that *all* of the traces are too low and, therefore, that I should add more
TMG?  Or does it mean that the correct iron level is immeasurable and I
should leave well enough alone?  Thanks.

John T. Fitch
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