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Nice plants from wetplants.com & plant ID needed

Is it OK to recommend an etailer here?
I ordered from wetplants.com & recieved plants of far superior quality
than anything I can find in my LFS's, even including The Aquarium Center
in Randallstown. I got Alternanthera reineckii 'roseafolia?' and
Alternanthera sessilis, which were massive clumps of very healthy & red
Also very nice 'contortion'  Vallisneria spiralis, which are tall enough
to almost reach the top of my 25" high, (less 4" of gravel) tank.
Other than the red hygro, I have not seen these plants available locally

I also ordered some Barclaya, which I guess were out of stock. I did
recieve another plant as a substitution, which I am having trouble
identifying. They have a rhizomes, with leaves on a medium length stalk,
and have a triple leaf on each stalk. The leaf shape is very similar to
common Java fern, but I've never seen the 3 leaf arrangement grow on any
of my Java's.
The only picture I have found that comes close is Bolbitis heteroclita,
on page 124 of "AQUARIUM PLANTS, Windelov's Tropica Catalogue".
Assumeing I have correctly identified these plants, can someone suggest
the best way to grow them? I would like to put the hair roots down into
my flourite, leaving just the rhizome above the surface. All my wood is
already to covered with well rooted Javas.
David Modine