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re: george's site

Hi guys'

Just heard from George Booth and he asked me to pass this along to you.

Hi Bruce,

I guess you're the first to discover the "problem" or at least the first
to ask about it.  Due to overwhelming amounts of spam, I've had to
change my account name on my ISP (FRII). I've been trying to get to APD
to let folks know but I've been busy at night recently and there's some
return address trickery I haven't figured out yet. I can't resubscribe
to APD until I figure that out.

Anyway, you have two routes to go:
Erick Olson has graciously offered to mirror Aquatic Concepts on The
Krib. Try http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com

Also, the change to my address and URL is to simply use "gbooth" instead
of "booth" where appropriate.

I wonder if you could post this to APD for me since you're the first to

George Booth
gbooth at frii dot com

Thanks George and Erick for responding to my query. Didn't want to lose
such a beautiful and helpful site.

Bruce L in South Georgia