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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1465

"John T. Fitch"wrote:

>  In November, there was a question about the green algae that sometimes 
>  on the glass walls of the tank. It is not spot algae, but rather a
>  uniform "film" over the entire surface.  On 23 Nov. 2001, Tom Barr, writing
>  I'm sure about the same type of algae, said, "It's obviously a fast growth
>  specialist. It doesn't grow on any plants though. Glass only. In higher
>  lighted tanks I have seen this one grow back in 2 hours after cleaning!
>  Amazing."
I had this same algae in two of my tanks, and following Tom Barr's advice, I 
reduced my photoperiod and it dissapeared. It has not returned.
Tim Armstrong