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CO2 table & Phosphate

Hi all,

I am using the pH/KH table at 
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/kh-ph-co2-chart.html to determine the 
level of CO2 in my tank. I notice, though, that it says "The CO2-KH-pH 
equilibrium should be correct
unless you are taking extreme measures to adjust pH, such as adding
lots of phosphate buffers like pH-UP or pH-DOWN or using sulfuric
acid." Now I do add some phosphate to my tank - maybe a BB-sized ball of 
KH2PO4 weekly. Will this change my readings?

The reason I ask is that I am not seeing any pH change between when I turn 
the lights off on the tank and when I turn it on. KH is 5.0, and pH is at 
7.0 both "morning" and "evening". Is this right? The CO2 is bubbling in 
there pretty good, and I expected to see more of a swing.


BTW my tank is algae-free and it's now been 1 week since the blackout & 
addition of 5 SAE. Waiting for the next show to drop.

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