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Re. Green Algae on Glass

John T. Fitch wrote:

...  "It's obviously a fast growth specialist. It doesn't grow on any plants though. Glass only. In higher lighted tanks I have seen this one grow back in 2 hours after cleaning! Amazing." 

... I did notice that, when I scrape
it, it comes off almost as a powder and rapidly disappears.  So, remembering
the effectiveness of a diatomaceous earth filter in removing green water,
algae suspended in water.....

I have the same thing.  When I describe it as coming off the glass like a green powder, well the experts at my Local Fish Store think I'm nuts and don't believe me.  But the technique of starting the Diatomaceous earth filter, and then cleaning the glass so that the green powder gets trapped in that filter, well that works for me too.  

I have to do it about once a week.  If I go longer than that, it gets pretty green.  I've never tried doing it several days in a row, to see if it really reduces the population down to where it doesn't come back so fast.  But it seems to be an idea worth trying.  

My problem however, is that unlike your experience, I've got some kind of stuff growing on the leaves of the plants.  I think, but I can't be sure, that it's the same thing.  If I rub a leaf hoping to see some green powder come off of it, well, that leaf just gets crushed, so I can't really tell.  But my plants are covered with something, and they can't get enough light to grow well.  So they are slowly dying out and they look pretty lousy. 

But the DE filter is the one thing that seems to get the green powder out of the water once I scape the algea off the glass.