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Plants Re-LayOut

Dear friends,
I feel not satisfied with current set-up & algae problem, so I'm thinking to 
re-layout all plants position and in the same time clean the algae. The 
current substrate been used for 1.5 years and feel that the Dupla-Rit & 
Dennerle Deponit still can be used for another 2 years? So I plan to take 
out all the plants & fish, then pour the H202 (Hydrogene Perokside) to kill 
all the algae. Then re-plant (re-layout) the plants (which already cleaned 
from algae too). My first consideration if the Dennerle & Dupla still can be 
effective for longer time more than 2 years? and the second if using H202 to 
kill algae will affect the substrate quality? Wondering if I have to change 
all the substrate then I need to invest in DuplaRit & Dennerle again (which 
not cheap).
Waiting your feedback & comment. Appreciate your help.


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