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Re:Rinsing Flourite

Hi all,
I haven't been on this list for a while but check back in once in a while.
Here's how I rins Flourite:
I bought a cheap oil drip pan(like the ones you put under your car for an
oilchange) and a dustpan at a hardware store.
Place a stable box,strong table near a garden hose outside.
Pour the flourite in the drip pan one bag at a time and start washing
it.Tilt the pan to get rid of the dirty water,ad fresh water-repeat til the
added water stays clear.
Use the dustpan to get the flourite out of the drip pan.
This method saved my back couple times plus you find the nasties, like
branches, electric wire pieces, easier that seem to come with flourite.Yes
you read it right.I found some strange things in the dozen bags that I
washed so far.
Take care
Max Gallade
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