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Re: Green Algae on Glass

John Fitch wrote:
"I charged my Vortex filter with new diatomaceous earth, started it up, and
then began scraping off the algae film.  It wasn't long before I could see a
faint greenish tinge on the filter bag.  I did this three days in a row, and
it seemed to me that it came back more slowly each time.  Since then, it has
virtually disappeared.

I would be interested in whether anyone else has tried this technique and
what their experience has been.  

I did almost the same exact thing John. I got myself a HOT Magnum w/ the 
micron cartridge and constantly harassed the algae by scraping it off the 
walls at every opportunity that I got. I also did large (50%) water changes 
every day and made sure that all of my macro and micro-nutrient levels were 
correct. The algae disappeared in a week and hasn't come back since. I've 
noticed though that the algae comes back whenever there has been a major 
upset in the tank - ie. uprooting a large plant, a major re-aquascaping, etc. 

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