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Re: NH4/NH3

> Tom Barr just penned a nice treastise on NH4 and N uptake.  I just came
> back to the APD after moving to Hollywierd.  I am currently taking chem 2
> and had a question.
> I was looking for some clarification for myself as well as the
> more-chemistry challenged.  NH4 has a parent weak base NH3.  I didn't do
> too good on this part of the exam :( and was wondering if you Tom or anyone
> could clarify the sources of the ammonium (NH4) as well as it's relation to
> the ammonia (NH3).

Ahh, acid-base chemistry with the prof from hell(he was fired at the end of
the course). 

I now defer you to the archives where many many questions have been
answered:) Neil and Paul addressed this issue well some years back.
Some questions remain unanswered and will unless someone decides to do some
more in depth study on this.


Oh wait there's even more!

> Thanks,
> Darin
> in sunny Hollywierd