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Re: small biofilters

Roger Miller asks:

>Can anyone suggest a good biofilter to use on a 10-gallon planted tank?
>Other than the plants themselves.

Roger, I've tried several different filters for my small 5.5 and 10 gallon 
planted tanks and my favorite so far is the Eheim internal line.  I even 
use them in bare tank situations with excellent results.  The Eheim 
internals cost more than other internals (no surprise there), but I've 
tried several makes now and the Eheim remains my favorite.  I've never 
regretted the extra $$$ once.  I also like the Duetto filters from Aquarium 
Systems as well, but they're not as easy as the Eheims come maintenance 
time IME and also seem to require maintenance more often.  The drawback to 
the internal filters is the fact that they take up room inside the tank and 
can be hard to hide.

A key to maintaining the biofiltration capabilities of an internal filter 
is to rinse the media in the wastewater following a change.  Tap will 
devastate the bacteria colony.  One advantage of the Duetto line is that 
the mechanical and bio filtration chambers are separate, so this is not as 
much of a concern for those filters.

I speculate that the best overall filter for a small, planted tank would be 
the small Eheim 2211 canister but I've not tried one myself.  They've 
proven harder to locate than the 2213-2217 models.

Hope it helps and good luck,

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net