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Re: 10 gallon biofilter/CO2 reactor


<<Can anyone suggest a good biofilter to use on a
10-gallon planted tank? 
Other than the plants themselves.>>

I have had great success using the Fluval 1 internal
filter. It has plenty of room for whatever media you
want, and is compact enough to be easily hidden in the
small space of a 10 gal. Another perk is that it comes
with a hanger (HOT) *or* suction cups to control where
the filter sits in the tank. It costs less than $20.
This is a better choice, I think, than a bio-wheel or

On a side note, I have also built these into very
effective CO2 reactors for DIY setups. Heres what I

I had some leftover rigid plastic tube from my Fluval
103. I cut a straight 7" piece and stuffed one end
with the sponge media, (the loose kind that comes with
the Fluval cannisters in the shape of a disc) about 1"
worth. The other end has a whole drilled in the tube
about 2" from the bottom.

Take the plastic media holder for the Fluval 1 and
drill a hole big enough for the rigid plastic tube,
prepared above, so that it fits and stays without
sealant. Then, butt it (the tube) up against the
triangular guards by the impeller in the motor unit
when the two pieces of the filter are put together.
**Sponge side up** next to the impeller.

Then, run the line from your DIY CO2 into the hole in
the bottom of our rigid tube. Seal with silicone; wait
1 hour; emmerse and plug in.

The CO2 will seep out of the spongey media slowly and
directly into the impeller. **This setup also does
*not* interfere with the media at all** Whenever I run
yeast CO2 into a cannister the floss gets all gooky.
This is a perk. This would probably work as a
compressed gas reactor for a 10-40 gallon tank if you
eliminate the media to maximize flow for larger tanks.

I know this is off the thread but I'm excited that I
actually built something that works with what I had.
Going strong for almost a year now for less than $20. 

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler     

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