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RE: Hood Pics

Tony, thanks for the pictures. They show the basic design very well. I do
have a question which is, could the distance between the top of the tank and
the lights be reduced ? The whole hood seems awfully tall. Is there a
specific reason ?

Thanks,  Scotty
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 22:51:14 -0500
From: "Anthony Baker" <bakera506 at earthlink_net>
Subject: RE: Sliding Hood Pics

Stephanie asked for some pics of a sliding hood ala George Booth...
Stephanie, I totally understand your desire to see some pics of this -- I
wanted to also when I deceded to embark upon this project.

Here are a couple quick snapshots of my Booth-style hood that I just

I used 1x8 pine (of the best quality Home Depot had) for the front and sides
and 3/8" outdoor grade plywood (one side finished) for the top.  The back is
a 1x4 of the same grade of pine.  I am planning on posting detailed plans
and more pics soon.  If anyone would like more detailed information sooner,
just email me off-list and I will  try to help out.

Note:  As some have said (I think Mr. Barr), making a DIY wooden hood
complete with light fixtures often costs MORE than it would cost to buy a
ready-made commercial lighting system...  I myself might have bought the
AZOO or Red Sea 4x55 watt PCF fixture had I had the money (and forethought)
upfront.  That being said, I truly enjoyed building my DIY hood and love the
way it looks and that it allows easy tank access.  Plus, the fact that my
dad and I built it *together* over the Thanksgiving weekend makes it that
much more meaningful.

- -Tony