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Re:algae surface powder

> Hello, just another algae question.  I have a 85 gal tank, good MH lighting,
> PMDD fertilizing with TMG for micro, CO2 injection.
> Fert levels look good. Plants grow great (weekly prunings :) ) but I have
> this thing with an algae that makes a film on top of the water (like pond
> scum/algae).

How much surface movement do you have? Try increasing it for awhile. Sounds
like the powder BGA. A number of BGA's float. I'd be interested in getting a
sample if you don't mind.

> It's definately related to iron.  If I let the iron go to undetectable
> levels it goes away.

Well iron is one part that seems to help it. The NO3 and or fish load(NH4)
sometimes helps that along. Let the iron drop for awhile (a week) but dose
the plants good during the day or two prior. Next, try to skim off the scum
with a cup or dab off with a paper towel. Water changes etc. Increase the
surface movement during this time. Clean filter etc.
Resume dosing after a week.
If it comes back try increasing, so called "powering through" the algae by
adding 15 mls of TMG 3 x a week. Try to keep the NO3 in the 5-10ppm range.
Repeat water changes as needed.

  If I add iron even at min levels within a few days the
> green surface film comes back.  Not a  real pain except for blocking out the
> light and giving me a green arm if I prune.  I like to have the iron at
> higher levels as this does make the plants grow quicker (going by the air
> bubble count off the plants) and I have a fairly good fish load that I need
> the plants to handle.

Tom Barr
> Ideas?
> Thanks
> Peter.