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Green surface algae.

Hello, just another algae question.  I have a 85 gal tank, good MH lighting,
PMDD fertilizing with TMG for micro, CO2 injection.
Fert levels look good. Plants grow great (weekly prunings :) ) but I have
this thing with an algae that makes a film on top of the water (like pond
It's definately related to iron.  If I let the iron go to undetectable
levels it goes away.  If I add iron even at min levels within a few days the
green surface film comes back.  Not a  real pain except for blocking out the
light and giving me a green arm if I prune.  I like to have the iron at
higher levels as this does make the plants grow quicker (going by the air
bubble count off the plants) and I have a fairly good fish load that I need
the plants to handle.