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Re: High 20ppm NO3's

> If the PO4 is way to high what is the best way and quickest way to lower it?
> The tank in question is about 20ppm!
> Regards,
> Dave Berryman

Water change is in order big time. That will remove both unless you have
nasty tap water or something where you have high NO3 and PO4. If this
condition is present in your tank then you need to ask your self what is
limiting plant uptake and growth. So?
If you have high PO4/NO3 it's likely building up from not enough CO2/adding
too many fertilizers/not enough traces.
If the tap has a load of PO4 and NO3 do smaller water changes since adding
only 20% of 20ppm NO3/1ppm of PO4 will only raise the NO3 to 4ppm and the
PO4 to .2ppm extra. That should be eaten up rather fast(2 days max) if the
tank is well run. CO2 will be more the issue than the traces in most cases.
Tom Barr