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Re: First pics of my tank

Tony wrote:

>  Here are some links to some pics of my 60 gallon tank...  I'd appreciate
>  some feedback.

I think the tank looks great, Tony!  You clearly have some specific
goals in mind with this layout.  The effect at this point is a little
overwhelmingly lush, but the intent is still clear.

Amano's austere "land"scapes and the tightly controlled formalism in
many Dutch tanks prepare us all to criticize overgrown tanks.  But your
tank makes me think that thickly overgrown tanks have a place.  Besides,
not all of Amano's tanks are as bare as all that.  Many of his small
tanks display a well regulated overgrowth.

My only criticism of your layout is that it gives me little sense of
depth (front-to-back).  That may be just from the way it's photographed,
but it also looks to me like you could get a more 3-d effect by cutting
a well-placed path or two through the tall plants to extend visibility
closer to the back of the tank.

You have clearly mastered the culture of the plants you have now.  You
might consider replacing some of your more common plants with more
unusual plants that add more decorative value.

Do you do anything special to support and maintain the mounds and
valleys on the left side of the tank? 

Roger Miller