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M3 Regulators

I recently obtained the Monolith Marine Monsters (a.k.a. M3) CO2
regulator.  This is one darn nice regulator at a very good price.  The
machining and chrome finish is very well done.  The instructions tell
you to put something in between the chrome and your wrench so that you
don't scratch it -- the finish is good enough to be worth keeping
scratch free.  The action is very smooth and relatively linear, and the
thread angle on the pressure adjustment is just about perfect for
aquarium use -- in the pressure ranges we use, you don't have to turn
the knob way too far to get a change in pressure effect, nor does the
pressure jump wildly with just the slightest nudge.

Heck, I even like the knob.  What?  Your regulator still requires a
screwdriver?  How very old fashioned.  ;-)

I have had several experiences with M3 in the last few weeks and each
one has been a pleasure -- fast, helpful service.   And it doesn't hurt
that I'm just one and half UPS days away from M3.  But orders have been
getting to UPS within about a day.  I place an order today; it arrives
in a two or three days.  Of course, if that's too fast, I suppose you
could ask them to hold off filling the order for a few days.  They aim
to please.

If you haven't looked yet, M3 is at

Scott H.

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