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adventures in the creek

Because I am currently at my parent's place, I decided
to head for a creek I hadn't been to since I was eight
years old. I remembered that I had found some
petrified wood there.

My parents live on the other side of town now, so I
had to drive to this creek which is in the middle of

I parked near some apartments and then walked towards
the creek.  On my way, in a drainage ditch, I spotted
huge quantities of bacopa.

After climbing down the embankment, the first thing I
noticed was that I was trampling a small pasture of a
hydrocotoyle species.  Almost all of it was
emersed/terrestrial, but some of it was trailing into
the water.

Once in the creek I found several small pieces of
petrified wood.  I also found a soft black/grey rock
that is made of clay.  It is soft enough that when I
drop it, it breaks.  The coloration, however, is nice.
 I wonder if anyone on the list has any experience
with this kind of rock.

I gathered other species including ludwigia.  Some of
these are probably terrestrial plants, but I figure it
wouldn't hurt to throw them underwater and see what
happens, since I couldn't identify them.

At this point it was raining in 45 deg weather, so I
decided to head out.  It was a lot of fun, and I
suggest that heading for your local creek might be a
worthwhile endeavor.  Who knows, perhaps some species
may be added to the hobby in this way.


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