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RE: Whole-tank few for criticism -- Thanks Don!!

That really helped a lot.

>Don stitched this together from the two pics I posted this morning.  An
>excellent job!
>Thanks again!  This might make it a bit easier to get a sense of the whole


Ok, here we go...the plants look very healthy so you are obviously doing
something right.  Kudos on the plant growth, but, the thing that I don't
like is the cluttered look.  There is lots of room for improvement here.

Since you now know which plants grow tall and which ones grow medium and
which ones grow small you should have an idea of which ones to put in the
back ground/middle ground/fore ground.

.With that in mind pick a place slightly off center.
.Build up the gravel slightly toward the back.
.Put your center piece, (driftwood), just inches from the back.
.Put your tall small leafed plants in the back behind the center piece.
.Put your medium height plants around both sides of the center piece keeping
them toward the back
.Put your big leafed plants, (Anabias, Cryptocoryne), around the front of
the center piece toward
 and even in the front middle of the center piece.
.Now start planting the middle height plants along the side of the center
piece as stated above
 but have it start tapering toward the back.
.Finally get your foreground plants, (Glossostigma) and have it planted all
around the open
 gravel.  This should fill in the rest of the tank nicely.

One thing to keep in mind when doing this....your tank will get very cloudy
from the substrate.  Do it slowly taking a couple of hours.  I have done
this several times and always the plants survive.

Good luck,
Dave Berryman