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No Subject

I have used Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Safe & Easy
Aquarium Cleaners with great success.  Just spray it
on, wait 5 min. and wipe off.  Be sure to rinse


<<<> Deposits on glass
> I got white deposits on the coverglass on top of the
aquarium. I've tried
to remove it
> with vinegar essence which didn't work.

I had the same problem recently, and will probably
have it again, so here is
what I figured out.
I put the glass covers over the sink and placed a few
paper towels over it
so it was totally
covered.  Then I poured as much vinegar as it took to
thoroughly wet the
towels.  I left it for
half an hour, came back and wiped it down, and
repeated the treatment for
the other side.  It
came out sparkly clean.  I had the same problem with
it not coming off when
I wiped it with
vinegar, so I figured it would take longer term
exposure to work.>>>>>

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