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Re: Question about substrate

This is the same stuff as Profile.  If you search the
APD archives there are many articles on this product. 
People have been using it in their tanks for quite
some time.  Some people mix it with Fluorite.  Others
have added a small amount of peat under a layer of
Profile.  It is an excellent substrate.  I recently
replaced my homemade substrate with Profile, overlayed
with gravel and it looks fantastic.  The contortion
vals and E.tennelus are rooting in it like mad.  You
might wish to cover it with a layer of gravel because
it is light in weight so rootless plants tend to
float.  I supplement the substrate with Root Zone


<<<I recently saw something at home depot and was
wondering if it would
make a good substrate it is Schultz aquatic plant soil
it says it These
are its features as listed on the bag you get a ten
pound bag for 5.98
so I was wondering 
*         Better than peat, won't float or cloud water
*         Holds plants firmly in place all season
*         Neutral pH-safe for all fish
*         Retains oxygen and nutrients for aquatic
plants to absorb
*         Provides environment for fish to lay eggs

Thanks for any help.>>>

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