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Fw: First Pics of my tank...

 Here are some links to some pics of my 60 gallon tank...  I'd appreciate
 some feedback.

 Please keep in mind that these are some of the very first pics I have shot
 with my new Olympus C-3000 digital camera (my new toy), and I am sure I can
 improve on my photo taking skills once I finish the camera's 230 page

 Tank stats:

 -60 gal (approx 48"x16.5"x16")
 -Setup date: Mid July of 2001
 -Filtration: Eheim 2017 w/ biomedia and floss
 -Lighting: 2x55 watt 9320K CF and 1x96 watt 6700K all with AH supply
 reflectors mounted in my DIY Booth-style hood (no cover glass)
 -CO2 from a 5lb tank into a M3 J-diffuser (soon to be replaced with a Barr
 -pH ~6.8-7.0, KH / GH ~7/6 (haven't measured in a while)

 -Substrate: crappy topfin gravel (didn't know better) over laterite. 2
 pockets of Estes fine sand (one for the Liliopsis on the left and one for
 the glosso patch on the right)

 -Fertilization: KNO3, K2PO4, Flourish K, Flourish, and PMDD with Homegrown
 Hydroponics traces.  Usually add the traces every 2 days and KNO3 every 3rd
 day.  K2PO4 added 4 days after the weekly water change.  So far so good.
 Algae is fairly minimal.  Many thanks to Tom Barr for suggestions on this
 fertilization scheme -- I went from tons of staghorn and hair algae, to
 a tad bit of green spot and 2-3 little clumps of BBA.  Plant growth is also
 amazing now -- I feel guilty throwing away a ton of cuttings each week...
 Anyone want to trade? :-)

 -Plants: (To the best of my knowledge and spelling) Limnophila; H.
 polysperma; H. strica / corymbosa; glosso; red temple; rotala indica;
 (wendtii & balansae); H. zosterifolia; H. difformis; Micranthemum
 micranthemoides ; twisted val; tons of pesky E. tenellus; Hydrocotyle sp.;
 Christmas moss (thanks to K.L.); Anubias nana; java fern; Bacopa
 I think that's it.

 -Fish: 5 black mollies (great for getting the surface film); 3 apisto
 aggassi (constantly breeding but the eggs get eaten; 12 neons; 8-9 SAEs; 1
 false SAE; 3 corys; 1-2 striated botias; 2-3 kuhli loaches; 4 AFFs; 8
 1 farowella.

 Thats about all I can think of right now....  So, on to the pics:

 I will try to post some more shots, this time with a tripod.

 These were taken last night, and I have since done my weekly trim and water

 Any feedback is appreciated -- I know it looks very jungle-like, but
 everything is growing so well, I am afraid to move stuff too quickly.

 Also, if anyone out there has tips on photographing aquascapes with digital
 cameras, I would appreciate some tips... (Especially Erik Lueng -- after
 seeing his pics of Jeff Kropp's awesome tank, I was inspired to buy myself
 digital camera!!)