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125 gal tank -overflows

I have three tanks in my living room that have overflows like AGA's, one is a plant tank
Waterfalls are not tolerated in my house by the better half.
A standpipe with a tee on the top, then a cap on top of that and an elbow pointing down. You drill an incrementally larger hole in the cap until you get a smooth flow of water. The pumps on my tanks are louder than the water flowing through them. One of them is pushing 1200gph. and there is no water fall in any of the 3 overflows.
If you go with the AGA tank they do have a kit you can buy that will eliminate the waterfall, I think my pvc solution is cheaper.


>Your choice of the dual, big overflows (it's a All-Glass tank,
>right ?) seems particularly bad to me because of the huge waterfalls 
>that form inside them. Great for marine systems, but you would end up 
>cursing your choice IMO

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