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setting up 125 gallon tank

Have been off list for a little while due to dead internet service.  Now I
come back and Dave G. is talking about me :)

There are many people who think the cables are a waste of money and some who
swear by them.

I do have the Dupla undergravel heater cables and a temperature controller.
I am experiencing terrific growth from my tanks.  Cables or other stuff?  I
don't know, I do have a high tech tank.  I can tell you that my barclaya
longifolia looks like it is on steroids (they like warm feet).  Personally,
I like the cables.  They are expensive but everything I've researched has
convinced me they are doing something beneficial.  I keep my tank warm
enough to keep them on most all the time.  I would recommend the cables.
(Besides, George Booth uses them he, he!)

They are however, a total pain when you rip something with a gigantic root
system out and they come with it!