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Re:Great balls of Cladophora aegagrophila

Robert H wrote:

>Someone else told me in Asia they [cladophora balls] are collector rarity 
>oddities. Prize possestions. Go figure.

Do a google search for "cladophora" and "festival" and you'll get a 
suprising number of hits!  There's a cladophora festival in Japan.  Here's 
what one website had to say:

"In Japan, Aegagropila enjoy somewhat of a "cult" following. A certain lake 
in Hokkaido is known to form especially perfect Cladophora balls, which the 
local "Aidic" people involve in their summer festival. A folktale 
accompanies the dense green spheres, in which the hearts of a young couple 
who drown in the lake turn into Cladophora balls. Aegagropila's popularity 
in Japan has even spread to more urban areas. Tokyo has a bar named 
"Marimba," the Japanese word for the balls, which sells plastic souvenirs in 
the the shape of the popular alga. In recent years, aegagropilous Cladophora 
has even become a protected species in Japan, and a Cladophora ball postage 
stamp has been issued."


Cool, huh?

Notice also that I've refrained from make any "balls" joke.  I win!!

Chin See Ming

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