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Re: 125

Thanks for everyone's responses and opinions on setting up a 125 tank so far.

Tom Barr asked about co2, fish, etc.

The tank will house my five discus that outgrew my 55, and a crew of algae 
eaters(any suggestions on that would help also). I have a 5LB bottle for CO2
I have a reactor now from ultra life, The one that petwarehouse sells. I'm 
not sure
that it will be enough? Tom don't you sell a reactor for larger tanks?I would 
like to use a spray bar for the return. It sounds like
a very effective way to return the water to the tank. I haven't decided on 
all the plants
yet, that's the easy part I think. The substrate will most likely be 100% 
flourite- that's
alot of bags huh. 

Jeff Vamos
Cessnabum1 at aol_com

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