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Flourite is dirty stuff.

     I spent hours washing 75 pounds of Flourite Red [by Seachem] on 
Saturday.  What a chore.  The stuff is so dirty you cant even see your hand 
in the bucket until about the 4th or 5th rinse.  
     I had half of it in the tank before I discovered that it will eventually 
rinse clean.  Just put about 3 pounds at a time in a bucket, angle the 
bucket, and run the hose on it until it runs clear.  Plan on spending hours.  
Get a TV or radio and a 6 pack.  
     Unfortunately, since I discovered this late, I now have a very messy 
substrate in my tank.  I may start a new style, with this my first heavily 
planted tank, called "Muddy Waters."  Very natural.  
     I hope this helps you someday.

David S. Brown

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