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Re: Siphons, Sumps, & Pumps

Scott H. wrote:

> > I think a trickle filter, or a sump type system in general, hinges on
> > making
> > sure that the capacity for water to exit a given tank is always
> > greater than
> > the volume of water which enters it.
> This would be the case for any "closed circulation system."  What goes
> down must go back up and vice versa.  You might also think of it as a
> puddle avoidance system.  :-)

But, in a syphon overflow system for sump systems, it's often important 
that the capacity of the overflow syphon tubes isn't too much greater
than the normal flow.  A high flow rate thru the tubes is important 
because the fast moving water will remove any air bubbles in the 
syphon tube before they can accumulate the break the syphon action.

I was running two 1" tubes on my overflow for the longest time.  I 
constantly had to deal with bubbles collecting in the syphon tubes.  I
removed one of the two tubes, and so far, no bubbles have collected.

Chuck Gadd