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Re: 125

> Subject: seting up 125 gallon tank
> My wife just sprung it on me that I can get my 125 gallon tank for Christmas
> that I have been dreaming about. (she must want something big).

Sounds like a trap to me.

> So my question to you is can you help me set it up!
> I'm thinking about getting the reef ready style that has the overflow boxes
> in each corner, 

One corner alone would be my choice. Add a sponge to this inside box to
prevent water from "waterfalling" over making both noise and driving off

> and drilled with bulkhead fittings, because I would like to
> use a wet/dry filter. I'm interested in the eheim model 2229.

Just get a gravity Bioball tower, lot cheaper and less maintenance. Another
thing you can do if your a DIY'er is use a spare tank for the sump and a
trash can for the bio tower and fill with lava with drain holes drilled into
the bottom. That will actually work better than the filter or the bio balls.

> Do I even need 
> the overflow boxes with this filter?

No, not really but they are nice and worthwhile.

> Is this a good choice of filter?

See above, but for a canister they are.

> Can 
> someone explain the theory behind overflow boxes, sumps etc. or can send me
> to a site with good info.

Check out about any marine site ot go down to the LFS etc and ask to see one
in person.

> Another question is cable heaters. Is it worth the money?


> what is a good 
> brand to get and from where.

Dupla. I'd get flourite or onyx sand and not waste the $ on the cables at
all. I've had both for a number of years.

> I'm probably going to use cf lighting from ahsupply.

Get 6 x 55 watts or 4x96watts. You can also make it so the light is raised
up and narrower than the tank(See Azoo's designs for their light bar/rail).

CO2? Fish? Etc?

Tom Barr