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Cellophane sword plant:E berteroi

Well the folks said that there was E berteroi out there but all I found was
emmersed plants or dead stumps in the water. Yanked one up and ran home with
it. I had found another plant (later turned out to be the weed, E
cordifolius) in a stream and this plant looked similar emmersed except a
smaller runt. I figure misidentification at first and that it was likely E
cordifolius from the looks of it. Did not take a plant with a flower so did
not bother keying it out. Well, I got fooled as the plant grew.

A little while later I have this quite spectacular foliage coming off of
this plant. It's something like the Aponogeton ulvaceus leaves but not
nearly as fragile. Doesn't get too massive too quick either.
Very translucent foliage living up to its common name. It's native to the
area out here in CA. I've had most all of the swords and at one point I got
something called this but it was likely misidentified by the seller (no
surprise there). 
Nice sword plant actually, worth a try. Easy to grow, unusual, bizarre
foliage, not too big so far either(for once). Grow a native. Truly a nice
aquarium plant. 
Tom Barr