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RE: Woman and Aquatic Plants - Long


To me the larger question is why more men than women seem to be interested in 
aquatic plant culturing.  This is demonstrated by such things as lists of 
attendees at the convention and subscribers to this list, among other things.

IMHO, the reason is genetic.  It is easily explained by what I call the 
"Natural Law" philosophy.

Many biologists believe that the basic driving force for all species is  
reproduction, to continue the species to the next generation.  Each 
individual is driven to do this, and in humans (and other species) each 
gender has chosen a different strategy to do it.

Males can in theory sire millions of children each day, because of the huge 
number of sperm cells that they produce.  Females, on the other hand, are 
much more limited.  A human female can produce one offspring every nine 
months, at most, and it takes years for that offspring to  become 

Up until very recently the males were the hunters, the risk takers, the 
sexual aggressors, while the females were much more conservative, nurturing, 
and focused on their children and their nest/home.  The genes
that influenced this behavior were formed thousands of years ago and their 
influence will be with us for a long time.

So what does this have to do with the aquatic plant culturing?  Simply put, 
and speaking very generally, males tend to be more interested in  adventure 
and discovery, while females are still more conservative, more home oriented.

Please note that like all generalities, this can't be applied to individuals. 
 There are many women who are adventurous and there are men who prefer to 
nurture and maintain the home.  Both are good things.  Not fighting 
genetically influenced tendencies, when they are there, is also good.

Maybe, in general, eastern women have had less opportunity to explore new 
avenues of expression than have western women, so their evolution is slower, 
for now.  But we as people are changing, and the genetic makeup of our 
descendants will be determined by how we do this.

Good luck!