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seting up 125 gallon tank

My wife just sprung it on me that I can get my 125 gallon tank for Christmas 
that I have been dreaming about. (she must want something big).
So my question to you is can you help me set it up!
I'm thinking about getting the reef ready style that has the overflow boxes 
in each corner, and drilled with bulkhead fittings, because I would like to 
use a wet/dry filter. I'm interested in the eheim model 2229. Do I even need 
the overflow boxes with this filter? Is this a good choice of filter? Can 
someone explain the theory behind overflow boxes, sumps etc. or can send me 
to a site with good info.
Another question is cable heaters. Is it worth the money? what is a good 
brand to get and from where.
I'm probably going to use cf lighting from ahsupply. 
any suggestion on what to do with this setup is greatly appreciated

Jeff Vamos
Cessnabum1 at aol_com