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Re: Re: NO3/NH4/PO4

At 09.48 09/12/2001, you wrote:
>This is not a bad thread to follow.

thanks ! eheheh ! :-)

>Well your going to use more KNO3 then. You can do it this way if you wish
>but it's better to have fish in the tank for a number of reasons. The whole
>attacks the algae is a good enough one all by itself but perhaps the most
>popular reason is the NH4+ they produce which will reduce the amount of NO3
>taken in some(you want a source of both NO3 and NH4, but only tiny amounts
>of NH4 which is best added via the fish).

ok, ok. This is well known. But if I haven't added any fish so far is 
because  fishes won't give only NH4+ to the tank, but many other things ... 
organic compounds of any kind that, sooner or later, will become not only N 
source but P source and traces source as well. That sounds to me only 1 
thing: dynamics becomes more difficult to understand!

>Add both. Tweak this later though. For now add more iron(2x a week). Don't
>worry that it will go to 0.00ppm for a few days(2 or so).

uhm ... ok! So I'll add iron twice a week and until I read 0.00ppm for 2 
days I dont add anymore.

>Well the substrate get saturated at some point if you have iron in there.

I assume there is no iron in the substrate for what I know. So I don't know 
where PO4 goes when it precipitates.

>Filter usage, fish uptake etc can be assumed to be negligible. So all your
>left with is plant and algae uptake. No algae then-> all plant uptake.

Algae are there, as you see from the pics.

>NO3/CO2 are the biggest issues for most folks though. Nothing goes right if
>you louse those up.

i'll measure CO2 directly, not deriving from KH/pH relation.

>Well, I think it's better to have a residual(since the plants are arguably
>taking it in), but you can get good results with pulses 2 x a week also.
>Try A and then try B:) Then you decide.

so kinda of two pulses of 0.5ppm each.

>  Again, you try and see for yourself. Proved it to yourself.
ok, I'll do that.

>Careful since if you add too much NH4 you will get algae. Or dead fish if it
>gets too high.
0.24ppm is too high? the problem is that AC will remove it very fast, 
preventing plants to uptake it!
anyway today I added 0,24 ppm NH4 too. After only 1 hour I read 0.05ppm. It 
really goes away fast. Difficult to say where it goes: activated carbon 
and/or plants? how much 0.24ppm NH4 is compared to NO3? if it goes aways so 
fat should I add NO3 anyway (maybe in a lower dosage)?