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Re: Amano's Contest

James Purchase wrote:
>>you could have also gotten an entire year's worth of
Dave Gomberg's soon to be departed Planted Aquarium
Magazine - something that would probably have made you
a much better aquascaper than sending off a slide <<

We've discussed PAM a bit already.  Is this true? 
That artistry and layout were a focus of PAM?  I
haven't seen enough issues to know the answer.  But
from what I have seen, the answer would be "no."

Aside from copyright issues, and what you think of
Amano, I don't think many people will argue that the
quality of aquascapes in the 2001 ADA contest wasn't

Frankly, it seems like Mr. Purchase wants to criticize
people who enter the contest, or dissuade people from
entering it.  Gosh, can't people enter both contests? 
Do we take away from the AGA when we enter the ADA? 
And a separate question might be, how come the AGA
gets so few entries, internationally-speaking?  Some
sort of advertisement/promotion might be in order.

It's not like someone entering the ADA contest is
using *my* money and *my* slide film, and giving up
the copyright to *my* work.  It's their own choice,
and I for one tip my hat to *anyone* who enters *any*

I credit Amano with really giving people something to
aspire to.  He has done *a lot* for the hobby/art. 
And he doesn't say "do what I do."  He says, follow
your own path, find your own inspiration.  Look around
you, wherever you live, for inspiration.  You've got
to respect that.

In today's world, where art often gets the short
shrift, I take no offense when a person "drools" over
art.  More power to them.

Humbly, :)

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