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Re: was BGA

> Not tried black out yet - to be honest I am not sure the pplants woudl survive
> it.
> No 6.6 is before ligths on  - PH is 6.9 at lights out.  Lights on 11 hours per
> day on timer.

That sounds about right.
> Yes, NO3 added avery other day
> Readings taken several times over the week - usually morning after NO3 added.

What is the uptake rate? Tanks uses ->(    ) a week or a day?
> Not tested Phosphates - mixed views on APB about the hagen kit which is the
> probably best you can get over here.

You can call you tap water company to find out what's in the tap and then if
for example (.5ppm) then you change 50% and assume a ppm of .25ppm etc in
your tank. Ask for NO3 and PO4.
> Coils on all the time

How warm is the tank?

> Could be PO4 ...but I had these symptoms while at lower light levels (when
> tank first set up for a couple of months) when PO4 might not be such an issue.

I doubt it is PO4 at this point. CO2 is 6.6pH to 6.9pH every day? How
consistent is the CO2?
> What about fish load?
> 14 cardinals 12 Penguins, 4 corys 2 otos, 1 elderly SAE (like golddust here)
> all fed lightly.

Sounds fine. Add more algae eaters if you can.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr 
> Any further thoughts?

Not really. It should be running better than your test are indicating. You
need to go through and double check things. Start with the CO2, go to the
NO3 and then to Traces. Call you tap water company up and find out some
info(NO3/PO4). Try the black out. It works.
Tom Barr
> many thanks
> Matt