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Re: Re: Gloss:NO3:DON: other

At 21.48 08/12/2001, you wrote:
> >> At least for a few days you will have good conditions by doing this. If
> >> you add PO4, NO3, Trace 2-3x a week including this you will have mastered
> >> the nutrients pretty damn well.

Yeah! Above all.. your thoughts sounds perfect, very simple and still 
perfect! :-)

> > okay, things are going as follow:
> > I made some test and after the PO4 burst (I raised it up to 0.4ppm), I made
> > water change every day (at least 30%) and restore the GH/KH/K+/NO3 values;
>Sounds okay.
> > 4-12-01:
> > NO3 (after adding NaNO3 in the morning) = 5.0ppm ; in the evening after 10
> > hours of lights, NO3 = 1.5ppm
>That's a big drop. Do you have many fish and do you feed them well?

No fishes. No food. Today I just bought 2 Oto's and 2 Epalzo's. Algae 
eaters ,as you suggested, so still no food added.

> > 5-12-01:
> > NO3 (after adding NaNO3 in the morning) = 7.0ppm ; in the evening after 10
> > hours of lights, still NO3 = 1.5ppm
>Another big drop. Let it go a day or two longer and test.
>Look at new growth only. Sounds like the tank was previously starved or
>getting to that point.

more pics to see:

> > 6-12-01:
> > Trace elements but iron added in a *small* amount.
>So you have separate Fe and traces(without Fe)?

yes. They are from ADAŽ. They add traces and iron separately but if you 
look at the params I gave you in the URL, you will see that there is almost 
no iron, as I'm adding traces.

> > NO3 (after adding NaNO3 in the morning) = 8.0ppm ; in the evening after 10
> > hours of lights, NO3 = 1.5ppm
> > much more bubbles, less thread algae.
> > Now PO4 is absent again. Should I add it again? All the bursts went away in
> > matter of hours!!!

yeah! Really amazingly fast! But now the point is: PO4 is uptaken(or else 
where? filter? substrate?) pretty fast. So I read 0 ppm, but when do plants 
will need it again? is it better to maintain a concentration in the column 
water above 0ppm *costantly*? or is it better to give a burst?
the 2nd idea sounds better to me cuz plants are not good scavenger as 
algae, and after all uptake is against concentration, plus plants store 
much more tha algae. what do you think?

>Well your starting to figure it out. Gee, where's it all going:)?
>PO4 will drop rather fast.  PO4 will taken in in 40 minutes or so. So in a
>matter of hours you can remove all the PO4 that your kit can test for. If
>there's KNO3 and K being added and you have decent traces, PO4 will go down
>I don't let the PO4/NO3 stay at 0.0ppm for more than a day. I add enough for
>2-3days supply(about 5-7ppm of NO3/.5-.7ppm of PO4/5mls of traces per 80

today I have a devil idea: I added NH4 instead of NO; 0.24ppm NH4. Why? I 
thought that NH4 uptake is faster than NO3 and so N supply will stay 
shorter in column water than NO3. It was uptaken in 1 hour or so!!! NO3 
then is a measure of what/how much Nh4 is uptaken cuz the rest will be 
converted in NO3 by bacteria, so if the NO3 level stay constant, I'm adding 
the proper amount of NH4. NH4 tonight 0.00ppm and NO3 was 1ppm.

>Do you have algae eaters? Always a good thing.

just bought today.

>convert all that plant waste(DON) into DIN. The fish/inverts add small
>amounts of NH4 to balance the anion NO3- which gives you the best growth
>rather than trying to have all of one or the other. We don't high levels of
>NH4 anyway but nice little pulse dosed by the critters.
I'm aware of these processes. Generally I'm trying to keep very low values 
of all the organics, monitoring the COD. And I put a lot of activated 
carbon in filter canister, so it *should* be okay.