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Re: Amano's Contest

David wrote:
"I really hope that there is good US representation.  In other words, I hope
every American on the list enters.  There is still plenty of time.  I know
that Takashi was disappointed that we did not enter."

David, this isn't directed specifically at you, so please don't take

Mmmmm........ $16.00US/$26.00Cdn to enter........you get a booklet
containing the top 300 entries, and you give up ALL rights to the use of
your image. Plus, you have to use Color Slide Film (which requires far more
skill to use well than it does to aquascape an aquarium....).

I wish you luck.....

But, I also wish folks would stop grovelling over what is, after all, not
such a great deal. The AGA Contest cost $5.00 to enter, the copyright to the
images remains with the entrant, the photos are available for viewing to
anybody for free via the Internet, or on CD-ROM from Erik for a modest fee
and you stand a much better chance of win/place/show, if that is your
motivation. The AGA is a hobbyist run organization, not a money making
corporation and deserves far more support from folks around here that it

For the price of admission to Amano's contest, you could have also gotten an
entire year's worth of Dave Gomberg's soon to be departed Planted Aquarium
Magazine - something that would probably have made you a much better
aquascaper than sending off a slide to the land of the rising sun (again, no
offense intended to anyone), more than likely never to be heard of again
(the only ones who get feedback are the top 300 entries). Plus it could have
made more likely the continuation of what was a little jewel of aquarium

Don't get me wrong, Amano is a fabulous photographer, a very good aquascaper
and an astute business man. But the way some people on this list drool over
the mere mention of his name is almost undignified.

Why follow someone else's lead? Carve your own creative path. And support
your own.

[.....rant mode OFF....... ;-) ]

James Purchase