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Re: Plants grow great in blackout...

Rachel Sandage's :

>I just took the blanket off my 72 gallon tank, trying to get rid of some 
>annoying algae (grows in tiny hairs about 1/4" on taller plants). Well, the 
>algae didn't go away (arg!) but several of the plants seems to have actually 
>flourished - hairgrass and especially a red lotus which I had thought was 
>dead. What's with that?

Rachel, my theory is that once the plants realize that the blackout is not just night (internal clock, I reckon), they begin drawing on stored nutrients to encourage a growth spurt to reach light.  Just a hunch.  Is the new growth less compact than the previous (pre-blackout) growth?

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net