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Re: DIY Hood

> Brett Agostini offered a lot of help on a DIY hood:

> I'm no carpenter!!!  But I built what I feel is a beautiful and
> practical hood.  When it's
> shut it is low profile, adding only about three inches to the top of
> the tank.  When open, it
> adds zero to tank dimensions for maintenance purposes.  Tools needed
> = hammer, saw,
> screwdriver.   Circular saw is a BIG plus.  Cost is about $20-30.
> (Not including lights, of
> course.)  If you like, I'll try and put together a .jpg of my work
> and email it to you.

Also take a look at Kim's suggestions on the AH Supply website


At last update, the cost was less than $10.

there is a link there to this site with the plans and pictures for a
simple, inexpensive DIY hood


Good Luck,
Scott H.


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