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RE: Woman and Aquatic Plants


Thank you for this post....I like to shake things up a little also so I
think I will bite.

>Statements like Asian woman
>are treated "so poorly" (not allowed to work, only
>live for husband and family, don't have any rights,
>...) are perennial.

>and the way
>the media uses these stereotypes for readership,
>viewer ship, etc. only adds to it.

When we "Americans" think of other countries as back wards or behind the
times it usually has something to do with how the public or women are
treated.  However, some of us think it is perfectly all right for a country
to have a culture that makes the man dominate.  If a country has that type
of coulter then who do we think we are to make them change!

I am not pompous enough to assume that this is a bad thing.  I draw the line
however when one of those cultures injures or purposely hurts the women or
public!  This then takes on a hole different aspect and should never be

You are right when you state that the media uses stereotypes.  The media has
definitely gone way over the line in my opinion.  They are trying purposely
to influence the culture of America and how they perceive there
surroundings.  They are largely unregulated and have a high opinion of them

I know I will be flamed for this but remember one thing...you eat
cheeseburgers and they eat.....what ever they eat.  All of us have souls and
will die someday.  Most of use in large are a lot a like except for our
cultures.  Don't think you are better cause your women are free to do what
ever.  Some cultures think this is a bad thing.

Dave Berryman