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Re: Why no good fish/plants in DC

No, nothing in this area compares to the Aquarium Center.  It's worth the
trip.  Whenever I visit, there's something that I haven't tried, or haven't
tried in a while that I'd like to work with.

Without their square footage, I suspect that it's difficult for an LFS to
keep a varied plant selection that keeps the regulars coming back.  However,
there are a few stores in the area that make an effort to get some varied
stuff in, and have knowledgeable staff.

I live within a mile of Totally Fish in Aspen Hill.  Not a big selection,
but Andrew makes a point of ordering more than just java fern, hygro and
water sprite.  If I remember accurately, they expanded their plant selection
a couple of years ago but didn't do enough in increased sales to maintain
it.  Congressional Aquarium on Rockville Pike is pretty good, too.
Unfortunately, they keep a large number of bog plants in stock and don't
label them as such, but the last time I bought some dragon's breath from
them, the sales clerk did ask to make sure I was planning to put it in a bog

Alysoun McLaughlin
Acting President, Greater Washington Aquatic Plants Association