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Re:Why no good fish/plants in DC & Rock stuff

 "Joe Kopanski" <kopanski at earthlink_net>

Pointed out the best option for DC residents is to take a trip north, to
the largest LFS. I agree, this is about the biggest & best LFS in my
vicinity. Their prices on dry good, particularly BIG tanks, can't be

>>For livestock, I drive 50 miles to the Aquarium Center west of >>Baltimore. 

>> I'm spending kilobucks per year.  I would pay a
>>small premium to buy/consult locally.  Why can't a major city like
>>Washington support even one premo LFS?

There are some nice stores here, where you can get some very good
personal service, which is what The Aquarium Center lacks, IME. These
smaller stores don't have the selection you find in Randallstown, but I
still visit them regularly, & oftentimes find some great stuff. 

If you like Rainbows, or you are trying to find the oftentimes elusive
true SAE's, visit Tropical Fish World in Gaithersburg. He always has a
nice selection of Rainbows, & is breeding a few variaties in house. He
has a row of plant tanks as well, with a pretty good variety.

Just down the Pike, Congressional Aquarium in Rockville has a lot of
well stocked tanks of both Freshwater & Marine. They also have a section
of tanks devoted to plants. Very seldom do I ever see any diseased fish
there. Jay, the owner, takes pride in keeping his store nice & clean, &
he always has plenty of help on hand.

Over in Wheaton, at A Showcase Aquarium, a small store with the same
owner since at least the early 70's, I have found some excellent plants
& fish over the years. Joe has one big tank of live plants that are
always very healthy & deep green. He gets some super sized swordplants
in from time to time, & sells at very reasonable prices. I bought some
beautiful "german" blue rams several weeks ago. They were the best I
have seen anywhere in quite some time.

If your in the area, & need to get some nice rocks at cheap prices,
check out Jack T Irwin, Inc. , a stone yard on East Gude Drive in
Rockville. One of the owners is a fellow fish freak, & is always willing
to advice fellow aquarist's on appropriate stones for a fish tank. Ask
for David.

David Modine