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Re: BGA - Nutrient Deficiency?

At 09.48 07/12/2001, you wrote:
>I have major infestation of BGA and whatever I do I can't shift it - I 
>have not tried Erythromycin yet but have it on hand I want to get the tank 
>right first.
>The tank is 160litres (42gallUS) with 110W of fluorescent lighting 
>(Dennerle) and Dennerle substrate and heating coils.  Pressure Co2 setup

ok.. I've used Dennerle products myself for a long time! But you don't use 
their liquid fertilizer, do you?

>Temp 79, pH 6.6, KH 5, GH6 all measured with good (for the UK) kits

which means around 37ppm CO2 if there is anything else to acidify water. 
Which is a LOT of CO2! How do you make KH and GH? RO water plus salts? or 
tap water?

>I change 33% of the water weekly and at the same time add 8g K2SO4.  This 
>gives me a starting point of 30ppm of K which I think is in limits

WOW! go down at 10ppm K, not more. Lots of SO4-- too... go down!

>I dose with 35ml of AP LeafZone weekly spread over the week and I dose 4 g 
>of KN03 over the week to maintain a presence of 5-10 ppm NO3 on average 
>(measured).  Have used TMG but its difficult to get here but no difference 
>to the problems.

I dont know AP LeafZone as product and its composition.Never tried Dennerle 

>And I have Algae!  BGA the worst offender, there is also green powdery 
>stuff on the glass and Green spot on the strictas.  The reason I haven't 
>tipped in the Erythro yet is that I am sure there is some kind of 
>deficiency going on and I can't work it out.  BGA I think would come back 
>becuase the plants have never grown well.

BGA is IMHO always due to some N/P imbalance. Always! You said that you 
have Dennerle substrate, which means Deponit mix, right? How much? Heating 
coils are connected to Dennerle Duomat?
Above all, did you have the same algae problems in the first 2/3 months of 
setup? - this is particularly important!!!

what is your fish load? and the filtration?
Check PO4 absolutely !!! it might be a PO4 deficiency !! :-)) if it's the 
case, you could buy di-Potassium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous (K2HPO4), but 
only with a very good PO4 test that could measure PO4 dissolved 
orthophosphate down to 0.01ppm.

Check NO3 to be *sure* that they are at least 5ppm too.

hope this help!