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Re: Aquarium Center

I have to chip in and say that I also recommend the
Aquarium Center.  Thanks to Larry Lampert for taking
me there!  HUGE pet store.  Where else can you get
Eusteralis stellata, Ludwigia inclinata, Blyxa
japonica, Blyxa aubertii (tossed in by Gloria as a
bonus), Cabomba furcata, Myriophyllum mattogrossense
red and more at one stop?  Nowhere that I know of.  If
I lived closer to the place and didn't only go when I
go down to visit my mom, I'd be broke! Gloria really
knows her stuff.  Reasonable prices too.  Also a lot
of other stuff I like like apistos and so on.  I
wouldn't even bother with any other stores in the DC
area.  I agree, nothing great.  


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